Artist Development Series

This new series is tailored for rising flamenco artists who are committed to their artistic growth and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Participants will engage in learning both online and in person with focus on the following topics: history, study of the palos and their structures, building a dynamic baile, bio and resume writing and more! This program is designed to provide supplemental education to the artist’s current studies.

Check out this month’s class:

FLAMENCO PALOS with Juan Parrilla



Elan Marchinko (NY)
Elena Barrantes (NY)
Joanne Magdalena Bockemuehl (MA)
Maria Lopez Ramos (NJ)
Puma Guerrero (PA)
Rachel Holmes (CT)
Ra Ruiz Leon (NY)
Ricardo Larioza Farrell (NY)
Tamia Moore (NY)


Chayla Hart (NC)
Juliette Nieves (NY)
Kelli Brown (ID)
Leslie Irizarry (NY)
Maria Fernanda Garcia Lozano (NY)
Molly Stoltz (MN)
Patricia Bruno (NY)