flamenco certamen usa


Up to five (5) Finalists will be chosen at each level from the application pool based upon an evaluation of the submitted materials. The Initial Jury, composed of a select group of established flamenco professionals, will determine at what level the applicant may compete and will consider the following:

  • The environment in which the applicant works/studies
  • level of experience, training history and performance resume
  • video submission, biography and personal statement
  • The Applicant Criteria 

The Initial Jury will score eligible applicants on a scale from 1 – 5 (poor – excellent) based on the following: 

Technical Proficiency:

  • Dancer exhibits a clear understanding of flamenco techniques, movements and rhythms.  
  • Dancer exhibits consistent full body engagement with control, agility and attention to weight shifts.
  • Dancer’s body remains engaged while executing lower-body movements, remates, llamadas and escobillas.
  • Dancer maintains a clear connection to their core strength.
  • Dancer executes movement with clarity and attention to the dynamics inherent in the palo they are performing.

Artistry and Presence

  • Dancer appears engaged and confident in their movement execution.
  • Dancer embodies the essence of the palo in a meaningful way through their movement quality and facial expression.
  • Dancer transmits poise, depth of intention and a sense of “making the dance their own”.
  • Dancer brings a sense of creativity, enjoyment and understanding to their baile. 


  • Dancer has clean footwork that is in compás with a clear sense of texture and rhythm. 
  • Dancer exhibits a clear connection to the music (compás, palmas, etc.)
  • Dancer has control over the level of sound within their footwork as well as nuanced rhythmic dynamics. 
  • Movement and footwork clearly align.
  • Dancer skillfully maneuvers through tempo changes and/or variations in music/rhythm.

Overall Performance

  • Dancer shows a competence in the above outlined criteria (Technical Proficiency, Artistry and Presence, Musicality).
  • Dancer has “stand-out” moments that excite and/or intrigue the viewer.
  • Dancer brings a sense of poise and personal style to their dancing.
  • Dancer’s attire reflects their level of professionalism and a clear connection to the palo they are presenting.

The Initial Jury will carefully evaluate all of the applications submitted to determine eligibility as well as the level (Tablao or Estudio) at which each applicant may compete.  Based on the above criteria, each applicant will be given a cumulative score.  The top 5 eligible candidates at each level will be confirmed as Finalists for the 2023 Flamenco Certamen USA.

*Evaluations and scores will be made available to each applicant upon request.

Factors that affect eligibility

  • Incomplete submissions (partial bailes, password protected video links, failure to provide complete and accurate information, etc.)
  • The applicant’s professional history or technical abilities far exceed the pool of applicants as a whole.
  • The applicant’s technical ability falls far below the pool of applicants as a whole.