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Check out this incredible student-produced segment on our spring 2017 flamenco residency at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem! Featured artists: Elisabet Torras Aguilera, Alfonso Mogaburo Cid, Jose Moreno and Xianix Barrera

The Dance Enthusiast Asks Carlota about the Upcoming BAM Season

Founded in 1983, Flamenco Vivo is one of this country’s longest-established flamenco companies, dedicated to promoting flamenco as a living, evolving art form. During its weeklong season, the company will present three world premieres by contemporary Spanish choreographers, along with other repertory and solos, all accompanied by live music.

Finding dance at 75

On Saturday afternoons, 75 year-old Betty Dooley can be found tapping and swaying in a dance studio in Midtown.
“I used to do this when I was 18,” said Dooley, whose parents were from Spain. “And I just started about two years ago to do it again.”
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