La Feria de Sevilla in NYC April 28th!

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana and Arts Flamenco are excited to bring you another year of Spanish spring time festivities with La Feria de Sevilla in NYC! Join us for an evening of food, sangria, Sevillanas, live music and dancing. Vendors who will be selling costumes, flamenco accessories, artwork and more! Tickets on sale soon!

Coming to a city near you: Voces del Sur National Tour

Voces del Sur is a glimpse into the mysterious land of Andalucía and beyond.  This southern region of Spain is  known as the “cradle of flamenco.” Over the centuries, Andalucía has been inhabited by many different cultures, each with its own language and traditions, and thus became a melting pot of Spanish, Arabic, Gypsy, Sephardic Jewish and Latino influences.

Photo: Alec Himwich

Tablao Abierto

Tablao Abierto provides developing flamenco dancers with an opportunity to work in the true tablao-style, on the fly, with expert musicians. Participating artists will prepare a solo which will be presented with no prior rehearsal. Artist will have an opportunity to ask questions and workshop their dance under the guidance of musicians and mentors.  In order to provide an “authentic” experience, these tablaos will be open to the public and will showcase a rotating cast of dancers.
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