Support your peers! Student Showcase at Centro Español!

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana & Juana Calá are pleased to bring you the 2018 Student Showcase. A fun evening of dancing by your fellow students at Centro Español in Queens. Come celebrate a fun year of hard work with performances by Flamenco Vivo’s and Juana Cála’s students!

Celebrate Your Friends!!

Tablao Abierto is heating up this summer.

Tablao Abierto provides developing flamenco dancers with an opportunity to work in the true tablao-style, on the fly, with expert musicians. Participating artists will prepare a solo which will be presented with no prior rehearsal. Artist will have an opportunity to ask questions and workshop their dance under the guidance of musicians and mentors. In order to provide an “authentic” experience, these tablaos will be open to the public and will showcase a rotating cast of dancers.


Workshop: Africa, La Hija De La Faraona

África Fernández Montoya, born into a gypsy family in the heart of Sevilla, is one of the heirs to the Farruco family legacy. Her mother, “La Faraona” and grandfather, “El Farruco” laid the groundwork for this powerful artist to develop in her own right.  Join us this July for a workshop that is bound to be fun!

Así se baila!

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