6 Hilos Premiere
Live rooftop screening, June 5, 8–11pm
Stream on demand, June 8–20

Introducing Flamenco Vivo’s newest production 6Hilos (6Threads). Join us at Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn on June 5 or stream it virtually from home
June 8–20! 

6Hilos (6Threads), addresses the raw truth and reality of living through the pandemic as a society and as artists. This work pays homage to singers of the “Golden Generation” who have left us a legacy of more than 50 years and marked the golden age of flamenco. We invite you to immerse yourselves in this virtual performance which takes place in significant spaces for each artist—places where abandonment is evident, but beauty continues to shine through. Witness this unique collaboration, as each of these stunning artists weaves an individual thread which is later combined into a collaborative performance – a technical feat only possible digitally.

*Flamenco Vivo will uphold all current COVID-19 safety protocols as advised by the CDC and with NY State guidance.