Longest Running Tablao Reopens its Doors

Thank you all for sharing the hashtag #sostablaosflamencos. There is strength in numbers! We are thrilled to announce that Tablao Corral de la Morería will reopen its doors on May 20th, celebrating its 65th anniversary.

“We have decided to open, albeit symbolically, one day a week, to vindicate our situation and the situation of flamenco tablaos in Spain,” Juanma del Rey, director of El Corral de la Morería, explains. In parallel to its opening, the National Association of Flamenco Tablaos of Spain (ANTFES) continues to strive for a National Plan of Protection for the Cultural Heritage of Flamenco Tablaos that would allow them to survive until 2022. #SOStablaosflamencos

Article in Spanish.